It is pretty amazing that plain simple black letters can be formed into words, then crafted into clever sentences that span through a multitude of paragraphs, chapters and pages. That infinite combination of symbols which are bound in books, spun in magazines or splashed on billboards can then than evoke imagery which transmit human emotions that can make you laugh, cry or gasp. We’ve been writing for thousands of years because it works. We humans need words. From a one liner to elaborate tales, we relish a good book or a bad joke.

But writing can go beyond the little iconic letters we all have memorized from the alphabet. When you watch a music video or a wordless commercial, someone had to write it, come up with the idea. It may have been scribbled on a bar napkin or a cell phone. This kind of writing can also evoke emotions, but across all language barriers. Like cave drawings of our long ago past, imagery can also be combined to form sentences, paragraphs and stories.

As an art director in advertising, that was my alphabet of choice. Pictures! But I learned my craft from the canyons of Madison Avenue. Art directors were also expected to have the capacity to write a headline. In turn, copywriters had to think visually. In the end it’s all the same. We see pictures in our minds, not letters. The sentences we read are magically transformed into imagery in our imaginations.

Most of the videos that are posted on this site were written by me. Yes, I am gloating. But this is what makes me different from most of my video production competitors. We don’t just produce, we write. Writing is one third of a film or video. The other two thirds consist of image and sound. All three elements must be combined together to compliment each other to form a story. All of our films tell a story thanks to the writing!

But here you will see that we can actually write. Here is writing in it’s pure form. Letters and sentences. You’ll find some of my writing on my blog pages. As well as some poetry, a craft I recently discovered. And my first attempt at a children’s book, “Jonesy”! Go to the the tabs in this section to read more.