Corporate Videos

We work closely with corporate clients in defining clear brief and unique positioning. With so many video content out there, you must stand out from the rest. A simple clear message is key to customer retention. How will you use your video and where? We also consult in video strategy.Learn More

Tourism Videos

We specialize in tourism by default. Since we are located Montreux Switzerland, a world renown tourist resort, we have an uncanny positioning for the tourism industry. We have created videos for destinations, attractions, events and even schools which specialize in tourism.Learn More

Hotel videos

Whether you are a charming boutique hotel or a brand name luxury 5 star hotel, we will create an entertaining and effective video for your hotel. A video that highlights your hotel’s unique and best assets that attracts attention as well as getting internet users to make the “click” and book.Learn More

Music Videos

We work as an enthusiastic creative partner with musicians. Since music does not contain images, it does conjure imagery. We create videos that help carry the music’s message, without competing with the song. Complimenting the music and bringing out the best of its performers. Learn More

Indie Films

Independent films is how I got my start. Budget was never a worry, because there usually was no budget. The trade off was complete creative freedom and a chance for my work to be seen on local TV. Amazingly, I pulled off some small miracles and got great result.Learn More

Documentary Films

We have done documentaries for Quincy Jones and Nile Rodgers. The latter, still a work in progress, is about spending five days with Nile Rodgers as he prepares and performs a one time concert retracing his life in dance music from Disco to Electronic Dance Music.Learn More

Web Series

TV series are very popular today. A series spread out over many hours, draws the viewer deeper with the ever evolving story. Social mediums feed on constant content, because users are hungry. We have created a simple testimonial series which post a new video every month.Learn More

Award Winners

My most gratifying awards were from a film for The Jimmy Fund. I created it years ago as advertising Art Director. One of the awards is an AICP, which honors the work by being cataloged in The MoMA. Most importantly it made millions for the cause.Learn More

We offer a creative approach to video production

Whether a corporate video, music video or web series, we aim to discover what makes our subject special so that the video will be as unique as our subject. We do not work with a formula, we listen and absorb so that we can create a memorable and effective video.