The only violence I experienced in Mexico was at the Easter weekend Corrida. Where four bulls were killed and two men were carried out on stretchers.

We watched an amazing spectacle of true heroism and absolute senselessness with Forcados Mazatlecos San Miguelenses. A group of incredibly brave and insane men going head to head with a raging bull weighing in at more than 500kg.

This performance was a violent incident I witnessed in Mexico. It was also an amazing and entertaining spectacle. The media has also created a spectacle. One of exaggerated paranoiac propaganda about Mexico. It’s now branded with a negative reputation unfairly. No Mexican is proud of the fact that there are problem and isolated incidents. They will proudly make sure you see another side of their country. One of beauty and excitement, topped off with a shot of tequila.

If you want to find trouble in Mexico you will. And find it you will at San Miguel de Allende’s bull ring, Placa del Torros. Forget what you hear on the news and see for yourselves how wonderful Mexico really is.