The proper way to drink Tequila in Mexico is with a shot of Sangrita as a chaser. Mexicans do not drink Tequila with salt on their hands and a slice of lime. That’s Gringo shit. I can personally attest that by drinking Tequila with chasers of Sangrita you will remember how to get home and will wake up relatively fresh with little or no hangover. Been there many times, and it’s true. Below is a great Sangrita recipe I got from a bartender at Benito Juarez International Airport. I was waiting for a flight and wanted one or two last shots of Mexican sabor before taking off. I asked the bartender if he could make me a Sangrita. He looked at me in delighted surprise. “This Gringo knows how to drink Tequila properly!” his face said. His was one of the best Sangrita recipes I’ve tasted.

How to make Sangrita:

4 parts tomato juice

2 parts orange juice

2 parts lime juice

1 part grenadine syrup

Dash of Worcestershire Sauce

A drop of Tabasco sauce

Sprinkle of Maggi

Mix it all together, stir well and pour into a chilled shot glass. Drink some Tequila and chase it with the Sangrita. It’s the perfect combination!