Day 4, Rolle-Nyon

Man in small sailboat cabin on Lake Geneva Switzerland

Spent most of the day inside reading to stay dry

I woke up to wet feet. It’s pouring rain outside and the deck of the boat is leaking into the cabin. I’m soaked to my knees, thank goodness it’s not cold. I need coffee, and I must address this constant drip, so I cut up piece of plastic grocery bag to patch my leaky problem, but I also need to charge my phone and the jetty in Rolle is not equipped with outlets. There must be an outlet outside the marina clubhouse, and there was. It’s early morning and raining, so I plug in the charger outside and hope no one will notice my phone and venture to town in search of coffee.

Rain Fishing

A day for fishing near Rolle

Rolle is basically a one street town. The main road traverses the village parallel to the lake. It has shops on both sides of the street, but since it’s Sunday most businesses are closed with exception a kiosk and a boulangerie next door. Coffee and croissant are served, and a fresh newspaper. Problem is, I can’t read the fine print, only the headlines – I lost my reading glasses in yesterday’s wind mayhem – so not much to lose if I don’t get the contrived information since the news are mostly propaganda in my opinion. But I will need glasses to read my book on the boat. I ask the kiosk owner, and he has cheap reading glasses for sale! I return to the coffee shop and read the paper – the weather is what most interests me – it’s going to rain for hours. The rest of day was spent in the dampness of my cabin with the company of a great book called Wicked It’s the story of the wicked witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. The idea is great, and the oeuvre is an intelligent satire and dichotomy of modern society. I highly recommend this delightful clever tale of the infamous character from the famous movie. I spent a lazy Sunday reading, writing and mostly sleeping – I must have been in need of much rest.

Rain On The Water

Raining on still waters near Prangins

The rain lets up in the afternoon, and I decide to continue down the coast to Nyon, the next big town with a comfortable safe harbor. My charged phone says its five in the afternoon, much later than I imagined. Motor on! I exit the port of Rolle and head southwest and see before me thick grey rain ahead. I can turn back, but decide to coast on through the rain, because so far the wind is non-existent. The rain gear I wear is a cheap promotional plastic poncho from Orange cell phone service. It’s light and it keeps me dry. I have better gear deep inside a duffle bag that is too much trouble to fetch. The poncho and baseball cap will do. It was miserable for about twenty minutes as I motored through the rain – but no wind, thank you Wind God.

Main in the rain on sailboat on Lke Geneva Switzerland

Staying dry in a cheap promotional poncho

The rain has stopped as I cruise past the city of Nyon and its imposing white castle perched above quaint buildings and coast. Nyon is an important suburb of Geneva, it is well known for its Paleo music festival and Vision Du Reel documentary film festival. And since it is a medium sized city, it has plenty of restaurants, bars and shopping to stock and feed traveling sailors who are sailing around Lake Geneva. The marina is large, but the visiting buoys are few. I approach to dock my little vessel next to a big sailboat, but it wont work well, so I tuck the little craft next to a resident sailboat for the night. Then I go to meet my brother for a beer and bar food at the local English pub.

Nyon Castle

Chateau de Nyon