Project Description

BLEEP, is an multi-cultural, multi-style web band. By that it means that the band was formed via the internet and played together live in Montreux, Switzerland in august 2012. Lyrical and instrumental grooves focused on topics ranging from sub-consciousness, love, sex, the enjoyment and appreciation of life, to ending racism, and political and anti-war statements.

BLEEP was formed as a side project to take studio productions to a live audience. The songs that the band is currently eagerly performing, will be featured and released via Seb Guidetti and Ben Krahl, on two separate collaborative albums, independent and self-produced, featuring musicians and singers from all over the world. This group of individual artists found a successful musical alchemy that can be felt strongly in their music.The members come from as far as Chile, UK, Switzerland, Germany and U.S.A, all of them residing in Europe.

This also an AOS° side project. Multifaceted producer Sebastien Guidetti is spearheading this project. We roughly shot some video footage when the band met and played together for the first time in Montreux. The band needed a video presence online to begin its journey in the musical world. This will be one of many videos to come for AOS°, with whom we share a special artistic collaboration, demonstrating what The Swiss Syndicate is all about.