Project Description

In Part 1 of the How To Be A Vaquero web series, Coyote Canyon Adventures prepares you for the ultimate canyon horse riding adventure. Listen carefully to Rodrigo’s instructions, and get ready to embark on the ultimate ride! Located just minutes way from San Miguel de Allende, Rodrigo’s adventure’s will remain in your memory stick (or brain) forever. Music: Guitarra G (Afterlife Remix).

In Part 2, Coyote Canyon Adventures in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, now takes you from theory to Basic Training. See how Rodrigo’s guest handle themselves and their horses in the steep canyon trails. Music: “Corre Lola Corre” Ojos de Brujos.

Part 3 Coyote Canyon Adventures takes you for a real gallop through the canyons outside San Miguel de Allende Mexico. There are absolutely no artificial ingredients in this recipe for excitement. This is not a theme park, this ride is the real deal! The coolest cowboy experience ever. From the wild galloping to the authentic Mexican farm meal, to riding back to town with Rodrigo playing a Jimmi Hendrix/Snoop Dog remix! Rodrigo is the coolest vaquero ever! Music: Nortec Collective, Radio Borderland

And finally in Part 4, Coyote Canyon Adventures takes you from the mountain canyons to the urban canyons of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Like a trip back in time where horses are respected and their owners refresh themselves at the cantina and taco stand. This is the final lesson at how to be a Vaquero. An evening on horseback with Rodrigo through the streets of San Miguel de Allende. Gives a whole new meaning to taking a ride into town! Music: Cypress Hill, Ft. Marc Anthony & Pitbull.