Project Description

CitizenM hotels in Amsterdam partnered with Swisscom Hospitality to create a truly futuristic hotel experience. You’ll love the Mood Pad! My client and dear friend Arndt wanted a film to simply explain the somewhat complex system Swisscom proposes to hotels big and small. Together we wrote a script and storyline for the film. We set out to Amsterdam to shoot with me and an assistant. But Arndt asked if just he and I could travel and shoot the video. I agreed and shot with to cameras while he conducted the interview process, as well as act as producer. It worked! Arndt is originally a journalist and clever writer who speaks 5 languages fluently. While on the shoot Arndt got a cal that the company need a flash animation illustrating how the system worked. We had an incredibly talented 18 year old intern named Bilal who created the Swisscom flash animation seen in the video. This young man is bound for greatness. In the edn the film was well received and did its job. Again the music comes from another gifted young dude named AOS° aka Seb Guidetti.