Project Description

SEG in Montreux Switzerland has been one of my most faithful clients. We enjoy a great working relationship based on our location proximity, the English language and the ability to produce great results at an affordable price. We have created a series of testimonials from students and hospitality recruiters. We first collaborated with SEG to create a film about their recruitment forum. This event has since become an hugely attractive part of the schools offering to students. SEG not only educates young people, but ensure their future employment by gathering recruiters worldwide to select students for employment. While editing the interviews we conducted, we realized we had a big selection of great quotes from recruiters and students alike. I proposed that we cut short clips of the engaging quotes and use them on their social platforms. This has helped enriched their Facebook content as well as Youtube and Vimeo channels where you can view more videos. Most of them imagined, shot and just done by me!