Project Description

Swiss Education Group IHTTI, The education group’s second most viewed video is for their hospitality school located in Neuchâtel Switzerland. Here we suggested to use a real student to tell the school’s story. To differentiate itself from the other schools in the group. It was a last minute decision as the client had hired my services as a cameraman to film the schools graduation ceremony and get general shots of the school. While shooting, I focused on one young man. Having in mind the idea of following one student for a possible storyline. A few months later, we were approached to create a film for the school. Well we had some of the shots and I wrote a script and storyboard. The client bought the idea, I went and shot the additional footage and constructed a film that still attracts students today. Music is yet another AOS° composition.

In their own words, the inspiring programme at IHTTI School of Hotel Management emphasizes leadership and personal development. The combination of studies in hospitality management with the principles of branding, luxury and hotel design allows you to become a leader in hotel and design management.