Project Description

One of our most ambitious project was for Suisse Majestic Hotel. It started as a crazy idea, took trusting client, perfect music, and a brilliant world champion tap dancer to produce this little gem. Caravan Palace let the Suisse Majestic Hotel use their music so that Fabrice Martin could choreograph the action, and we could produce our crazy but great idea. It’s become one of our leading videos and has generated lots of interest and jobs from as far as Partance event planners in Paris and as luxurious Swiss Deluxe Hotels in Zurich. The best part of this job besides actually getting it done, was my client’s reaction. General manager Andre Oppenheim wanted something fresh and new just like the hotel he ran. He had just managed its renovations that cost in excess of 30 million! And now he wanted the world to see his gem in all its glory.

We first sat and established and unique selling proposition, which was obvious. An old world hotel stylishly modernized. I wrote the slogan, “Old world charm with a brand new groove”. I had an old music video for Fat Boy Slim in mind where Christopher Walken dances in a hotel, when researching the video I saw a video for in which Hugh Jackson dances in a hotel. I show this to Andres, and he said, “If you can do this kind of thing for my hotel, you got the job”. I drew up a storyboard based on a exploration of Suisse Majestic Hotel, sliced together an animatic with music from Caravan Palace. A French band that took old swing tunes and mixed in modern house dance grooves. My client had one trick up his sleeve, Fabrice Martin, 4 time world tap dancing champion. We all met, and a magical collaborative formula came together. He embraced our idea, came with his troupe and students from his school and more ideas. We shot from 8am to 6pm with a quick lunch break. The weather was perfect, yet another gift of the movie gods. The general manager of Suisse Majestic Hotel gave us and his two marketing and sales directors complete control, but most important…trust.

When I presented the the rough cut of the film, Andres literally kissed me! He said it was perfect! All he wanted changed was a movie title slide crediting all of us who made the film happen. It is one of the most admired hotel films, has more than 30’000 Youtube views. Has generated countless reservations and corporate events. Andres gets great pleasure flaunting his film on big screens at tourism salons. But the biggest challenge was to have the owner of the hotel’s blessing. Andres warned me he was a businessman with little or no emotional expression. That was to be untrue when I saw the owner’s child like reaction at the circus, as he laughed and clapped feverishly. Another proud moment of my career.