Project Description

In 2014, SEG introduced a new concept to its very popular International Recruitment Forum, called SEG’s Round Tables. The idea was to bring successful alumni students and reputed hospitality professionals so they could share information and guidance to students based on their own professional experiences. They were invited in small groups to be in an intimate setting as to get a very personal vision of inspiration from the guest speakers. My mission was to bring SEG’s Round Tables to a web based audience in the form of video presentations. The brief was simple in theory. In reality we had to create a formatted video series akin to a short television series.

Initially we thought we could get the guest speakers to discuss their presentation in an interview setting. So we wrote a series of question to get the right comments from them, but once in the editing room, we realized that the comments needed additional guidance for the viewer to comprehend the full extend of their stories. To be perfectly honest I was stuck. The film did not communicate the full extent of SEG?s Round Table experience. But help came in the form episode of The Apprentice UK. Basically, they set up comments with a voice over narrative. So I composed an the narrative based on the initial video edits I had created. An introduction that explained the concept of SEG’s Round Tables and presented the guest speaker. Then before each speaker spoke, I added a quick phrase to set-up the speaker’s comment or response. I then added visual imagery supplied by the guest speaker in either film or photo form and of course an original musical bed to harmonize all the elements together. It worked.

SEG’s Round Tables now have two films in the series and two more are planned form the 2015 Spring International Recruitment Forum. The first of which is Pooja Dhingra owner of the successful Le 15eme Patisserie in Mumbai India. A former graduate of Cézar Ritz Culinary Institute, part of SEG’s hospitality schools, Pooja has created a small empire, written a book and is regularly featured on television.
Her story is best told in our SEG’s Round Table production.

Next up was Sophie Wikstrom, who created a healthy café experience called Nice Life in Nice France. A true pioneer of applying social media in a practical sense to gather a following and then opening a physical establishment to successfully combine virtual and real. It has amounted in a profitable business venture that now attracts paying customers to benefit from Sophie’s offerings of healthy food, seminars on well-being and excursions. Her business is growing and Sophie is now opening a second Nice Life in Chamonix France.

These videos express the benefits of an SEG eduction in the real world. That the students can take what they have learned and apply it to not only as a salaried position, but to create the new businesses the world needs. Hats off to Pooja and Sophie, and stay tuned for more!