Project Description

This is Swiss Education Group’s (aka SEG) flagship video. With nearly 50’000 Youtube views, this is the groups most popular video. Part of the assignment was to differentiate all of the schools in the group, so that each had its own message and selling point. Here we used the Director of Academics, Mr. Donhauser to tell the story of Hospitality Education. We suggested they positioned themselves as being in the birthplace of hospitality education on The Swiss Riviera, where many other schools were located, including their main competitor before anyone else did. They followed our lead and together we wrote the story for Mr. Donhauser. He ended up being a fabulous spokesperson. It helped that he had been a television personality in Australia which made him very comfortable in front of the camera. We shot this in three days and several weeks of editing. Music is by our favorite composer, A0S° aka Sebastien Guidetti. The helicopter shots were shot with Mr. Samson, Marketing Director who piloted the chopper with me shooting out the window. No Westcam here, just me hanging on for dear life and stability.

In their own words, The Swiss Hotel Management School is known as one of Switerland’s leading hotel management schools. It offers a wide range of renowned programmes such as a Master in Hospitality Management or a Master of International Business with focus on spa and resort management.