Project Description

Every Spring above Montreux Switzerland on the steep slopes of the Swiss Alps overlooking Lake Geneva, a rare and protected species of wild white daffodils blanket the mountainsides in pure white. Their aroma is carried by the winds spreading their sweet perfume throughout the fields and valleys. They are famously called the Narcisses of Montreux. Or as the locals say, “Les Narcisses de Montreux”. Here is a portfolio of stunning photographs of this astonishing flower which was once almost extinct, and now protected. This portfolio of “Les Narcisses de Montreux” is part of a photo reportage commisioned by Animan Magazine, soon to be published. We plan to print some of these photos in large format to expose them at LoftA46, and who knows, maybe even a book, because we can’t fit all these beautiful images of “Les Narcisses de Montreux” in a few magazine pages.