Project Description

Laureate Universities had just bought NABA and Domus Academy, two reputed and longstanding art and design schools located in Milan Italy. We had worked with Laureate Hospitality, and the Marketing Director approached us with this new project for NABA and Domus Academy. He wanted something that reflected the art and design world’s style and coolness. We drew up a storyboard and wrote the questions that would create the storyline for the film. This is what we presented, and is my director’s cut. The client change his and and decided that the film needed a voice over with facts and figures. He forced us to record a wordy voice over and re-cut the movie. He also wanted to change the music, as he said, in his words, the music is “Too Sophisticated”. The music was composed and performed by AOS° aka Sebastien Guidetti, following the clients brief to create a track that was cool edgy yet sophisticated. Since it was refused, Sebastien named the tune “Too Sophisticated” and I made him a music video which you can see in the Music Video selection of our films.