Project Description

Montreux Switzerland on The Swiss Riviera, also known as Montreux Riviera is my home base. I thought it was about time to offer the world a selection of photographs of my region. Well, those few are in the thousands. It was difficult to edit my photos from all the beauty that surrounds us. This is just a small selection of thousands of stunning photo of Montreux Switzerland stored in our Swiss photobank. Every photos from every season from The Montreux Jazz Festival to the Narcisses that blanket the mountains in spring. Emotional photos of kids having fun and adults taking in leisure time. This is one of the most extensive photo collection of Montreux Switzerland.

These photos of Montreux Switzerland are also available for download, prints or commercial use. Just let me know by writing me a brief message of how you want to use the shots and we will promptly give you a quote. The photos are in high resolution jpeg or Tiff formats.