Project Description

The Montreux Jazz Festival was given air time on TV5 Monde, the world’s most watched French TV station. We had to create an original Montreux Jazz Festival TV spot, with little to no budget, therefore using stock footage. The caveat was that all texts had to be in French! No exceptions. Part of the communications requests of the festival was to list the bands featured to play at the event, may of them English based. So I had the idea to translate some of the popular acts in French. It was a hit even with French but not with one of the directors of Swiss advertising contest, Grand. On a televised interview the host grilled the director why the spot did not win an award. His response was that the client, The Montreux Jazz Festival, was not a legitimate advertising client. When it was shown at the awards ceremony it was cheered, and the winner was booed. It did not win an award but won the heart of the public. I’ve several Montreux Jazz Festival TV spots, this is definitely one of my favorites, and on my list of all time favorite spots.