Project Description

The cold air outbreak that struck Switzerland in February 2012 was the most intense in 27 years. But he outcome of Mother Nature was creative as it was destuctive. Pleasure boats sank under the massive weight of ice, yes! It was basically a weird ice storm. But the shapes and sculptures designed by the fierce northern wind called “La Bise” was as if the shores of Lake Geneva hosted an natural ice art exhibition. This film is in collaboration with the book called “Léman Arctique Ice Storm”. 144 pages of extraordinary photgraphs, but here is two short minutes of the windy fury. If only a book or a film could also let the viewer feel the bitter cold of “La Bise” that we photographers endured to capture this naural art. It was to the benefit of Pioneer Film Production in London as they purchased and used some of my footage in a series of TV documentaries calle “World Strangest Weather” airing on America’s Weather Channel.  Music: “Blues for Verveine” AOS° aka Art Of Sound