Project Description

Lausanne Palace and Spa had seen our video for Suisse Majestic Hotel and reached out to us to create a corporate video for their establishment. I was familiar with the hotel, as it was in my hometown. A highly regarded luxurious hotel located in the center of Lausanne. As our conversation continued the inevitable dollars and sense question came up “How much?” And my inevitable retort is usually a restaurant related answer, “Depends on what you’d like to eat?” The wheels of how to create a simple effective video for a luxury hotel were set in motion.

“The Little Bird” is proof that it is possible to create an effective video for a luxurious hotel inexpensively with a simple idea.  And with clever technology like a GoPro camera, (a little extra budget for drone aerial footage), some casting help from the hotel we pulled off a minor production miracle. There are many great filmmakers out there, and many really bad ones. Consider the idea and then spend as much as you can on the execution. A good idea badly executed, is still a good idea. A bad idea well executed, is still a bad idea.

The details of this project for Lausanne Palace and Spa are elaborated on my blog, which I encourage everyone to read for an informative look behind the scenes of this production.

How to create a simple effective video for a luxury hotel