Project Description

The Jimmy Fund “Ironworkers” film is the best advertisement I’ve ever created. When working at Cronin&Co., me and my partner Bob visited the Jimmy Fund Cancer hospital to be inspired so we could come up with a concept that would motivate people to donate money to children’s’ cancer. Someone at the hospital told us this true story, and there came the concept. We did not invent it, we simply re-told a story of tough men with a gentle and giving heart in moving pictures. Shown during the peak summer movie season in 250 theaters up and down the East Coast, the Jimmy Fund “Ironworkers” film resulted in $1.7 million in donations in only six weeks. Creating this spot is one of my proudest achievements. It is in the MoMA’s permanent collection. Thanks to the children, the ironworkers, the production company and its director for helping us Madison Avenue advertisers do something great. Perhaps even Don Draper would be proud?