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Find paradise here

We at Swiss Syndicate produce communications with the big picture in mind. By creating Hola Troncones Tourism Directory & Community Guide, (, we brought a charming little known vacation destination into the 21st century using the newest digital tools.

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Authentic Mexican food

Today with Hola Troncones we joined the best mediums the internet possesses to give the most value to the destination. A simple-to-use WordPress platform, stunning photographs on Flickr and entertaining videos through YouTube. All linked together to give the viewer a virtual journey and discovery of Troncones Mexico all to generate more traffic and income to the community and secure its place as a vacation destination.

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Girls just wanna have fun

Now locals and tourists can search and browse listings in both English and Spanish for Troncones hotels, restaurants and activities, find important local information, check the events calendar to know what’s happening, as well as interact with others via the classifieds and forum pages.

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Dancing in the bull ring

Hola Troncones, will now show the world that the sleepy and quiet village of Troncones Mexico is a world class travel destination for those seeking tranquility and the best activities the Troncones has to offer. Planning your next Mexican beach vacation? Use Hola Troncones as your travel guide!

All this was made posssible by great web developer Nancy Jayne of Casa Creativa and her devoted work ethic and constant renewal to find the best solutions the internet has to offer. She searched every stitch of the web to find the best directory platform, widgets and plug-ins. Meanwhile as photographer and video director, I added my photography and video skills within the frame work of a highly complex web guide and directory. The result is a beautiful and simple to use bilingual directory and guide for locals and tourists.

hola troncones home page

Bound for the sea

Hola Troncones is in constantly evolving. For this project to grow and bear fruit, it will take the village to nurture and feed its growth and development, so that it will become generous for all. So frequently return to Hola Troncones and watch it’s growth and development, as well as booking an unforgettable vacation. Hola Troncones Tourism Directory & Community Guide is a new interactive travel guide and online community platform, for the people, by the people!