Project Description

After more than 20 years with Youssou N’Dour as his musical director, legendary Senegalese bass player/composer Habib Faye launches his home inspired solo project. Here he’s seen in preparation for his performance at the legendary New Morning club in Paris. Habib Faye and his group play his single “H2O” from his debut solo album of the same name. Rehearsing in Music Store’s studio in Geneva for an upcoming tour. Me and my trusted right hand man Matt “Da Priest* were there to shoot. We promised Habib and his producer Carlos that we could shoot a music video during his rehearsal. After three takes of the song, we had enough material. That same night I edited from 12am to about 4am, and I had a rough cur. The video was dome in less than a day. Habib Faye loves it, as does his producer Carlos Rodriges and I’ve got a bunch of new friends in Senegal!