Project Description

Legendary Gstaad Palace, part of Swiss Deluxe Hotels, shows that it is not just an exquisitely beautiful hotel, but one that goes to extremes to satisfy any client’s desire. The hotel looks as if it were a radiant palace fit for prince charming and his princess painted in a antique leather bound fairy tale. Its castle like silhouette surrounded in Alpine splendor is world famous. Within the fortress of charm resides a group of men and women dedicated to serve royalty and gentry in every aspect of their stay. Basically, anything is possible at the Gstaad Palace and Swiss Deluxe Hotels.

This film is part of a series produced for Swiss Deluxe Hotels, the most exclusive hotel properties in Switzerland. Swiss Deluxe Hotels provides the most exceptional service for their guests. Where any request is welcome and can make dreams come true, such as this tale of only possible at Gstaad Palace,

Here is the Director’s Cut which is in keeping with the spirit of the original vision of the film and series.

Music by AOS° aka Sebastien Guidetti