Project Description

Extreme skateboarders ride the 100 year old bobsled run in Les Avants above Montreux Switzerland. The extreme skateboarding event, called Bukolic, takes place every summer and the road open to riders to ride freely as fast as they can. The cable car takes the riders back up as it did years ago in winter with bobsledders. The 100 year old cable car is under renovation this year. Riders will be back next summer. Me and my trustee second man Matt “Da Priest” shot this during a beautiful weekend.

My intention was to present this to Montreux Riviera Tourism as a pilot for a series of promotional films. The idea and USP, was to blend classic tourism cliches and the modern twist applied today. Just like the old bobsledder and the young extreme skateboarders. The list of possibilities is huge. So much history in this small tourist resort that could have been fabulous material for a long list of videos. Unfortunately, I could not convince Montreux Riviera Tourism to go ahead with this project. I’m certain it could have been very beneficial to Montreux Riviera Tourism as well as the town of Montreux Switzerland. So in this version, I took off the Montreux Riveria logo, and made it into a short indie documentary film.