Project Description

Here’s a free dose of audio/visual psychedelic stimulation. Brought to you by AOS° aka Sebastien Guidetti and myself. A perfect example of Swiss Syndicate synergy. By blending my images to Seb’s music, we have created a virtual drug high, or psychedelic stimulation. I’m not going to divulge my secret formula about how I achieved this effect. But I will say the imagery seen in the kaleidoscope effect are natural occurences. Simply clouds in time lapse. But let’s not let technique reveal the magic of the psychedelic stimulation. We highly recommended that viewers sit back with a mild psychoactive or sedative to induce an even more profound sense of cerebral voyaging.

This video does come with a warning. DO NOT attempt to operate any heavy or light machinery like sewing machines, firearms, cell phones or any sharp kitchen utensils. SIDE EFFECTS may include uncontrollable staring, social paralysis, sudden self awareness, hypnotic realism, muscular relaxation and color triggered brain stimulation. Repeated doses of this psychedelic stimulation are highly recommended.