Project Description

What happens when Mark Kelly, Seb Guidetti (aka AOS°) and Alexandre Guidetti work together? Well, you have a great singer/songwriter, Mark Kelly. A fabulous composer, arranger producer, AOS° aka Seb Guidetti and me behind the camera and editing desk. Put all these ingredients together and the you’ve got the recipe for a touching music video. This is what can happen when three friend artists get together!

AOS° & Mark Kelly have known each other for years. They used to play on the street during the Montreux Jazz Festival for spare change. Mark Kelly and his guitar, and AOS° or Seb on drums. They never recorded together until recently. This is one of many songs coming. Mark Kelly is not a music video kind of guy. He also doesn’t record with just anybody. Mark Kelly has standards. He is who he is. He writes what touches him personally and sings from the heart. He is probably not The Voice material. But boy does he have a voice and something to sing about. This AOS° & Mark Kelly video proves it.

Seb Guidetti aka AOS° has recorded with the best and the worst. This is one of the best. He let’s the artist be who they are and gently directs them where they can be. He has the ability to bring out the best in musicians without changing them. Allowing them to project who they are through their music. As for me, I’ve been wanting to do a new music video with Mark Kelly for a long time. He’s been reticent until this one fateful day when Seb aka AOS° calls me and says, dude, me and Mark want to shoot a video in LoftA46 in Montreux. Within minutes we set up, shot a few takes with raw lighting and pure musical emotions. I show a rough cut a few days later to AOS° & Mark Kelly in my home studio. “Slow the edit down” they say. They were right. I slow down the pacing of the editing, added a simple title and voilà! This is what can happen when three friend artists get together!