Project Description

Nile Rodgers and I are working on a documentary together. We needed to get some more shots for the film as well as discuss it. So he invite me on to come tour with his band Chic throughout Germany. They were scheduled to play in Hannover, Germany. Fortunately all the hotels were booked in the city, so Nile and the band had to stay in the nearest town, Braunschweig. Reputed by the Germans as dull, the town had it’s attractions.

Just around the corner form a very cool and trendy PH Hotel, there is a little music shop called Mews Music. It’s is run by Gert, and enjoyed by Nile Rodgers. Nile Rodgers takes us back to his first memories of playing music as a child as he rummages through vinyls, sheet music and some forgotten instruments. He called me and I came down from my hotel room camera in hand to get some footage. Nile is a legend, but when you hear him tell his stories, it becomes clear why he is who he is, mainly by what he’s achieved. A few days later I watched the footage and edited this short piece. I sent him a link and he loved it. “Alex, can you translate this in your language, French right?” Of course I could. “I want to put it on my blog. So there it is one of many short clips giving us a look into his normal personal life an passion, music. We want to do more of these short pieces, so stay tuned.