Every picture tells your story!

Must-see places

Tourists are now looking to have an experience when they travel. They want to live something special and unforgettable. Tourism photos should reflect this customer need.More

People are people

My approach to portraiture is about following my subject with discretion. No set ups are necessary. I look for genuine authenticity from a person or celebrity, and catch the shot.More

Creature comfort

Domesticated animals we all know can surprise us. Others are as alien as Science Fiction. Animal photography is about capturing that wild moment as if it were perfectly planned.More

Call to action

Taking sport and adventure photos has just gotten a massive boost of adrenaline! Thanks to digital technology and cameras such as the GoPro that can shoot at super rapid rates. More

Scenic wonders

Scenic photography is like a window to the world capture beautifully at that precise moment when the light is absolutely exceptional.More

Decorative arts

Picture that evocative seascape matching perfectly the colors of your modern interior decor in giant format across your living room wall.More

Seen and read

I have contributed to publications such as Animan Magazine with writing and photos. The essential editorial magazine found in stylish waiting rooms.More

Books still exist

A beautiful coffee table book filled with stunning photos will never go out of style.  It’s also an interior design necessity.