He made Jazz accessible to white people and got them to dance. It’s called Disco, but to Nile, it’s only rock and roll.
This is the story of Nile Rodgers told though a continuous string of hit songs performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Everyone knows the songs Le Freak, We are Family, I’m Coming Out, Let’s Dance but few know the man behind the hits.

Nile Rodgers in Swiss alpine setting

Nile Rodgers at Claude Nobs’ chalet

The Story
Montreux Switzerland is the setting for Nile Rodgers’ The Music Never Stops. A little country famous for banks, cheese, chocolate and watches. Not really a musical hot bed. With one exception, Montreux. The seeds of music were planted more than forty years ago and nurtured by Claude Nobs, founder of The Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the most respected musical events in the world.

Upon invitation from Claude Nobs, Nile’s concept at the festival was to have dance music concert play continuously for ten straight hours like the nightclubs of the great Disco era. He called it “Nile Rodgers’ Freak Out Dance Party” and wanted to show how dance music has evolved through the years. So he featured Saturday Night Fever favourites Tavares, diva Martha Wash and French Disco giant Cerrone. As well as Techno pop pioneer Alison Moyet of Yazzoo, Taylor Dane, The Smith’s Johnny Marr, new Brit pop star Elly Jackson of La Roux, blockbuster DJs Ultra Naté, Greg Cerrone, Felix Da House Cat and Dimitri From Paris, plus the hot gifted producer/DJ Marc Ronson, of course the band Chic and very special guest Grace Jones who topped off the show at 4am.

Nile Rodgers, Marc Ronson, Claue Nobs & Quincy Jones. Three of the greatest producers music has ever known and the friend who honored each on his stage

Nile, Marc Ronson, Claude Nobs & Quincy Jones. Three of the greatest producers in pop music & their friend Claude

Grace Jones is one of Nile's best friends

Grace Jones is one of Nile’s best friends

His musical career spans more than four decades and is told in this film through music and candid stories of success and failures, drugs and cancer and a list of who’s who through mega hit songs by Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Sheila, Carly Simon, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Madonna and many more that have been cut, pasted and sampled. Songs like We Are Family which is recognised around the world. Good Times which launched Hip Hop. To know Nile is to know his music. His passion, his drug, his one true love. Nile tells his story of his music, his way with a continuous string of hits.

Nile Rodgers sing the song Freak Out at Montreux Jazz Festival


Because of Claude Nobs, it would be the only festival in the world to give Nile a chance to see his vision through. An event such as this will never happen again. The Montreux Jazz Festival lives on, as well as Nile’s musical contributions, but the two visionaries will never be united again. It was to be Claude Nob’s last big major exclusive concert before his passing, which makes the event truly unique and the film an obligation.

Nile Rodgers and Ultra Naté rehearse at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Nile has tremendous respect for DJs like Ultra Naté

Nile Rodgers
At sixty two, he’s not some young rockstar you’ll see in celebrity magazines, although he’s won three Emmys with Daft Punk. He is also one of the most important figures in modern musical history on par with the likes of Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. He made Jazz accessible to white audiences and made them dance. They called it disco, but to Nile, it’s only rock and roll.

Johnny Marr is such a fan, he named his son Nile

Johnny Marr is such a fan, he named his son Nile

During the past three years, Nile and I have been making our “little movie” as he first called it. Nile Rodgers’ The Music Never Stops is now a full feature film. Nile’s enthusiasm for the project has been unwavering. This film is important to him because he is a cancer survivor which made him come to terms with his mortality and ignited a unprecedented creative fire for the past four years. He’s on a mission.

Elly Jackson took Carly Simon's song "Why" out of the closet

Elly Jackson took the song “Why” out of the closet

He is now more popular than ever, yet still relatively unknown. Just listen for Nile’s music. It’s everywhere in commercials, movies, video games, dance floors and television. The time is right to let people know about his musical genius.

There is a WOW factor at every screening of the film as well as certain kind of comfort by knowing all the songs. People are moved by the story and the music that accompanies them throughout like an old friend.

Nile Rodgers playing ping pong in Switzerland

Nile can no doubt play

Nile’s popularity knows no boundaries. His music captures the heart of young and old, male and female, black, white and just about every nationality on the globe! He’s busy promoting his first Chic album in over twenty years and getting a lot of media coverage. The time is ripe for Nile Rodger’s The Music Never Stops. Time to invest in Nile Rodgers’ The Music Never Stops and get on the musical ride of your lives and get ready for a return that may last a lifetime.

Claude Nob's last dance on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Claude Nob’s last dance on stage

Final Stage
The film has been written, filmed and edited to an hour and forty five minute format. The story will make you laugh and be astonished. The music will make you sing and dance.

Nile has been committed to this project for the past three years, and intends to see it through completion and in major film festivals.