Narcisses Le Livre is the ultimate modern Narcissus photo book created as of now. It is a bold statement, one full of narcissism, which is the subject matter after all. The once abundant wild daffodils that blanketed the mountains in a fragrant white coating are today in sharp decline. Recently, the delicate and aromatic flower is once again celebrated at the 2015 Fêtes des Narcisses, an event that last took place in 1957. It’s about time the diva of the divine is held in honor again and only befitting that the proud Narcissi are on the pages of its own book like any other superstar. This book, Narcisses Le Livre, is so Narcissistic, that it is only available in French at the moment. It is très apropos, since the home of these gorgeous gals is French speaking, voilà!

Narcisse, le livre.  La première édition est en impression. Il sera disponible en quantités limitées lors de l’Expo photo Narcisses au LoftA46. Signé avec une dédicace par l’auteur et photographe, moi même sur place. Pour en savoir plus sur l’Expo cliquez sur le bouton:

Narcisses Photo Exhibit