La Feria, or “Fair” is Troncones country fair. Every year in late February, Troncones hosts its town fair. Beauty queens, kid’s ride, food and drink, rodeo, horse races, cock fights and music are some of the attractions featured. The little town comes alive on warm nights while we in the North hunker down in the dead of winter.

cock fighting at fair in Troncones Mexico

Cock covers with farm logo

It was great to be back in Troncones during the winter when it is the dry season. No rain will come for several months. The climate is hot and dry during the day and comfortably cool to sleep without a fan or air conditioning. I had heard about the fair and wanted to come and enjoy it. It is a time and place where the local community come to enjoy local fun and culture. Where old friends meet new people, and tourists experience old traditions.

cock waits to fight at fair in Troncones Mexico

Cock waits to fight

It may not be for everybody, but there is certainly something for everyone. Watching roosters fight is a desired taste, very Mexican and maybe not for all. I was curious about Mexican cock fights, as I had never experienced them. I had seen so many of the beautifully feathered birds running around the streets, but never seen them in action.

They are kept and cared for like thoroughbreds, as long as they win. The breeders are proud and caring of them, until they lose, when they are killed by their opponent. The fighting team consist of two men, and a cock. Before the fight one of the men carefully hold the bird, while the other ties a razor sharp blade to the bird’s leg where a single claw used to be part of the cock’s anatomy. That claw has been removed and is now replaced with a lethal Samurai Sword like weapon.

Cock fighting at fair in Troncones Mexico

Razor sharp blades for cock fighting

Cock fighting at fair in Troncones Mexico

Cock face-off during fight

The opposing birds face off in the hands of their owners. They are enraged and ready to claw one another to death. Their feathers rise to give an inflated look of pumped up muscle and ego. These are not sweet little chickens but full on feathered fighters reminiscent of Aztec warriors. Once released, the cocks attempt to spur one another with their claw. The fight can be quick with a lethal swipe, or they can last for several minutes where one bird is pecking and pulling at the other.

Cock fighting at fair in Troncones Mexico

Cocks fighting at fair

But the fight is not over until one of the opponents is dead. There were two ties this evening. Two birds walked away alive, and bets were off. We did put some money down on a few fights, and won two out of four. I could see how you could spend a lot of time and money at this game. There was an addictive element to the scene, especially if you accompany yourself with friends and liquor.

Cock fighting at fair in Troncones Mexico

Cock fight finish

Gamblers wait for cock fight in Troncones Mexico

Gamblers wait for cock fight

Teeange Mexican beauty queens representing Troncones Mexico

Beauty queens representing Troncones Mexico

Boys watch a bull ride at fair in Troncones Mexico

Boys watch a bull ride

Men before bull ride at fair in Troncones Mexico

Mounting the bul

We made our way to find other games such as the chance to win a cute little bunny by tossing a 2 peso coin onto a plastic plate floating in a tub of water. We ran out of change and never won. Perhaps a good thing as we would not really know what to do with an innocent little wabbit having to live with our three dogs. Spicy local food was also on the menu as well as pizza, beer and tequila. A healthy dose of bull riding, one on one horse races and a and a crowning celebration for the beauty pageant.

The evenings ended in dancing with all kinds of Mexican dance bands and DJs. From Mariachi to Tribal. The bull ring turned into one heck of a disco dance floor. The Troncones Country fair is an experience not to be missed. It comes at a great time for tourists as it is in late February during the end of high season. Good deals are available for flights and accommodations. It also greatly helps support the community so they can provide for their families all year round.

Cowboy rides bull at fair in Troncones Mexico

Bull riding at the Feria

Lovers dance to Mexican dance music at fair in Troncones Mexico

Lovers sway to Mexican dance music