Field of Narcisuss wild daffodils above Montreux Switzerland

Wild white daffodils blanket the Alpine foothills

I am Narcissus. That’s right, you heard me Narcissus, as in narcissistic. That’s me, along with my few thousand other Narcissus brothers and sisters. I was Born here in this Swiss Alpine field from a long line of proud Narcissus. Here I stand, above all, on the sides of my mountain. With my stretched out giraffe like neck I reach to the skies and stare at the mountains and valleys before me.

Narcissus flower bunch

Bunched and smiling

My soft white petals flap in the wind like a dog’s ears out of a car window and sparklewith tiny reflective flecks that shine like like flowing silk and frame my round colorful center. Like a target, it is ringed in bright orange and yellow, which acts as a target for my thick pollen rich pistils awaiting dispersal by our dedicated hungry insects friends that help me intercourse with my fellow Narcissus.

Narcissus wildflower on steep Alpine slope

Narcissus have a strong hold on steep slopes

My sweet perfume drifts in the gentle breeze seducing our pollinating friends. Multiplied by tens of thousand other brothers and sisters, we bathes our fields with the aroma of royal sophistication. If only these pages were scented with my delicious aroma, we could be a prized designer bottled perfume featuring a virgin white beauty and be called, “Narcissistic. Le Parfum”.

Narcissus wild flowers face the French Alps

Great flower fields face the French Alps

We have been here for generations. Coating the mountain sides like a soft blanket of white show in the electric green of fresh spring foliage. We were millions more a century ago. But fell victim to our success. Humans prized our abundant beauty and aroma. They gathered us by the millions. Created a celebration in our honor where thousands of us proudly decorated a parade of floats adorned with beauty queens.

Narcissus flower close up bullseye

Their stare is wild and beautiful

Beautiful women dancers wore seductive garments of large flowing petals to imitate us dancing in the wind. We showered the happy crowds lining the streets of Belle Epoque Montreux with our soft white scented petals. We were so popular that we became scarce. La Fetes des Narcisses is a thing of the past. Preserved as black and white photographs and beautiful full color painted vintage tourism posters.

A bug sits on a Narcissus flower

A little fellow enjoys an Alpine view from his balcony

Since then, our numbers have dwindled significantly, but thanks to some of our human friends of the Narcissus protection group, we are making a come back. We are now protected by the law, and cared for like a rare treasure. We are no longer victims and have regained our star status.

Narcissus field

Even the Narcissus must draw a line

Humans cannot collect us for their homes. Farmers can’t cut us down with their machines. And we are no longer eaten or stepped on by cows. We have protected species status. Now that makes me, Narcissus, feel special again. Humans now carefully walk amongst us without crushing our delicate long necks. They photograph us. Talk about us. And simply admire our majestic beauty which only last a few short weeks. We are celebrated again. But we are now the spectators watching you humans walk by. Times have changed, but we have remained the same. Survived the test of time . I have regained my pride and confidence in and can reclaim myself to be proudly narcissistic.

Narcissus flowers blanket the Alpine foothills

Some fields seem to go to infinity

I am a proud Narcissus of the Swiss Riviera. Me and my family coat the mountain sides in white blankets. Our sweet perfume is carried for miles by the wind for your delight. We are here every year for just a few weeks.

Narcissus flowers seem like blankets of snow

Steep hillsides seem to be snow covered

So come and see me, smell me, but don’t steal me or my brothers and sisters from our earthly home. Take our picture, walk alongside us, and protect us. I am Narcissus. I am beautiful and proud, white as snow and perfumed as sweet as a princess.