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LE TOUR DU LEMAN. Sailing around Lake Geneva in 9 days

Lac Léman, is a vast body of fresh water carved out of the Alps between France and Switzerland. Geneva is at the western end which is why it is [...]

Sailing around Lake Geneva Day 1

Day 1, Montreux-Cully

We were under sail to a light western breeze. Just enough to get into the sway of sailing. We past in front of an impressive flotilla of [...]

Sailing around Lake Geneva Day 2

Day 2, Cully-Lausanne

Leaving Cully, my neighbors suggested we try Le Café de la Poste in Lutry, our next destination while sailing around Lake Geneva. There is no wind today. [...]

Sailing around Lake Geneva Day 3

Day 3, Lausanne-Rolle

The port of Ouchy has one of the few marine stores selling supplies for sailors. Sunrise wakes me up and it’s already hot, and I need to [...]

Sailing around Lake Geneva Day 4

Day 4, Rolle-Nyon

I woke up to wet feet. It’s pouring rain outside and the deck of the boat is leaking into the cabin. I’m soaked to my knees, thank [...]

Sailing around Lake Geneva Day 5

Day 5, Nyon-Crans

Today’s journey will be short, as I will be staying the night at my brother’s place in Crans, the next town from Nyon when sailing around Lake [...]

Sailing around Lake Geneva Day 6

Day 6, Crans-Genève

The varnish has dried, I remove the masking tape and put away some laundry I washed while at my brother’s place. The batteries for my devices are [...]

Sailing around Lake Geneva Day 7

Day 7, Genève-Evian

I wake up to another day of sunshine as it peeks behind the hills. It’s a long walk to the nearest bistro, and everything may be closed [...]

Sailing around Lake Geneva Day 9

Day 8, Bouveret-Montreux

My meal was not that great last night. Tortellini that seemed to come out of a box for CHF25.-. Switzerland is absurdly expensive, yet it’s absolutely magnificent [...]

Nile Rodgers Freak Out Dance Party

I met Terry about ten years ago at The Montreux Jazz Festival. He was in town for a week with Nile Rodgers and Chic. They were to perform at [...]