This was my first article for Animan Magazine, also my first for my virgin writing hand to be introduced to the published world. Having never stepped foot in Mexico, I approached my trip with child-like ignorance. I knew little about the country besides conversational exchanges over Nachos and Guacamole and consciously did not seek out information on the web. All I knew was my best friend and partner had gone there and wanted me to visit. The impression was so powerful that I can honestly say, “It has changed my life.”

The article describes some of the feelings of spending time in San Miguel de Allende. It has some beautiful photographs, but the only way to truly experience San Miguel de Allende, one must visit to feel and taste everything you possibly can. To smell and hear the loudest of the city to the silence of the desert. Here in it is in French as seen in Animan Magazine, and with the button below you can read it in English on my blog with more stunning photos.

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