The Swiss Syndicate: “Born Swiss. Raised American”

The Swiss Syndicate is a family of creatives. We are filmmakers, photographers, musicians, writers producers, and traditional fine artist. United by blood and by the passion to create. Our family extends beyond bloodlines and embraces like minded creative brothers and sisters in films, photos, music, books and art. These fragile creations that grow strong and powerful when nurtured and encouraged. Our code of honor is to respect the creative vision and to protect the idea. To never say “No”. To always consider the impossible as a challenge. We are fundamentally Swiss and adventurously American. We think and just do it.

A Quick Summary of what we’re about

Our Clients
Our client list is very select. Swiss Deluxe Hotels, Swisscom, Swiss Education Group or Suisse Majestic Hotel. They have teamed up with The Swiss Syndicate to boost their image and make sales with our celebrated films, our photos and our written words.
Our Philosophy
We also work for ourselves to offer the world original works of art. Projects like a feature length documentary. A twenty track collaborative album, with artists from near and far. Live music. Photo journalism and art expos. Short films. Photo books and novels. Music videos and digital experimentation. We take on special projects that are dear to us to help them flourish and nourish our creative hunger and ambitions.
Our Big Names
We’ve gone as far as to work with big international stars such as Quincy Jones and Nile Rodgers. The latter who is the subject of our most ambitious project to date. A feature length documentary on the legendary genius and his band Chic who were behind huge stars like Madonna or David Bowie, and mega hits such as Le Freak, We Are Family or Upside Down.
Our Promise
We’ll take on the big and the small. The Famous and unknown. We travel and we dare to create. Because our creativity knows no boundaries and our passion is fearless.

Why people love to work with us

FUN 97%

Meet Some of The Crew

Sebastien began playing drums at the age of 7. Later he attended the Harford Academy of Arts where he was taught jazz and all the percussive instruments including piano and vibes. He won several awards, went on to The New School and now is a freelance composer, arranger, producer and of course a prolific musician.
Miles has always had an observant eye on things. He went to the renown Vevey School of photography and apprenticed with Seb Michel, a premier Swiss fashion photographer. He now works part time shooting expensive time piece still-lifes and freelances as cinematographer or crew for many local and international productions.
Nancy-JayneWeb Developper
Nancy-Jayne is the Web Wizard and Design Diva, she’s SEO Savy and a  WordPress Pro. Over the past 10 years, as technology has evolved she’s assisted us in building numerous websites. This site is the most recent she’s brilliantly helped us build. She has the uncanny ability to thread the right words together to put you on page one of Google.