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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • golden Maya pyramid in Mexican jungle
    Permalink Is this Eldorado? The legendary lost city made of gold.Gallery

    Hidden Mayan ruins and the elusive Mexican Jaguar of Calakmul

  • The main pyramid from ground level
  • It is as if the trees were giants walking the steps
  • The two main pyramids are like twin peaks poking out of the jungle
  • It is estimated that people abandoned this city 600 years ago, so nature has reclaimed its stake
  • Looking towards the main pyramid from another pyramid
  • A wild turkey strolls the pyramid steps

Hidden Mayan ruins and the elusive Mexican Jaguar of Calakmul

My knees are again weak from the sheer magnificence of a golden ancient pyramid piercing the immensity of the forest and escalating the narrow steps. The conquistadors were right about the existence of Eldorado. They were just a few hundred centuries too late to see a living bustling treasure.

Nobis Hotel Stockholm. 5 Star Designer Cool.

Nobis hotel belongs to a group of six city hotel as well as being part of Design Hotels. Whereas a philosophy of functional design resides in every detail of the group’s establishments and no doubt in every centimeter of the hotel aforementioned. But this philosophy cannot truly be experienced in theory, it must be seen and felt. Heard and tasted. Observed and relished. One must get on a plane, train or boat to Stockholm and enter the Nobis experience.