This Spring, experience Montreux’s Narcissistic flowering phenomena as an art exhibition.

Narcisses Photo Expo from May 28-31 at LoftA46 during Montreux’s new “Fête des Narcisses”.
The flowers are protected in the wild and cannot be picked, so come and pick your personal and unique photos to decorate your home or office.

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It’s a fact that today everyone and everything can benefit from a video presentation. With so many videos out there, yours needs to stand out!
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Narcisses Photo Expo

The Narcisses Photo Expo, a unique photo installation at LoftA46 in Montreux. Enjoy the Swiss Riviera’s Narcissus fields in the city’s center! Learn more about the exhibit

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Video works for everything and everyone.

From our offices in Montreux Switzerland we offer the best video productions available. We will work anywhere in the world, and make sure your video will be seen by audiences worldwide.

We also consult in video strategy

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  • We work closely with clients to produce a clear brief

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Every picture tells your story!

Take a casual stroll through some of the photo galleries below. They’ll take you places you may not know, and show you a different look at places you may know.

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  • Narcisses Le Livre

Narcisses Le Livre

  • May 15th, 2015

Narcisses Le Livre is the ultimate modern Narcissus photo book created as of now. It is a bold statement, one full of narcissism, which is the subject matter after all. The once abundant wild daffodils that blanketed the mountains [...]

  • Hidden Mayan ruins and the elusive Mexican Jaguar of Calakmul

Hidden Mayan ruins and the elusive Mexican Jaguar of Calakmul

  • April 22nd, 2015
My knees are again weak from the sheer magnificence of a golden ancient pyramid piercing the immensity of the forest and escalating the narrow steps. The conquistadors were right about the existence of Eldorado. They were just a few hundred centuries too late to see a living bustling treasure.
  • Nobis Hotel Stockholm. 5 Star Designer Cool.

Nobis Hotel Stockholm. 5 Star Designer Cool.

  • April 3rd, 2015
Nobis hotel belongs to a group of six city hotel as well as being part of Design Hotels. Whereas a philosophy of functional design resides in every detail of the group’s establishments and no doubt in every centimeter of the hotel aforementioned. But this philosophy cannot truly be experienced in theory, it must be seen and felt. Heard and tasted. Observed and relished. One must get on a plane, train or boat to Stockholm and enter the Nobis experience.